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How to Choose the Right Design and Material for Your Home's Staircase

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If there is a staircase in your home that isn't built into a wall so that the balustrade and balusters under the railing are showing, you want to give some thought as to its overall design and material. That staircase may be more noticeable than you realize and it can enhance the look of your home or detract from that space, depending on the design style you choose. Note a few tips for creating a staircase area in your home that is attractive yet functional and safe.

Larger staircases

If you have a larger staircase because the slope of the stairs is not very steep and the staircase winds or has a landing that is showing, you might want to opt for something less busy than individual balusters under the balustrade. If you were to have individual wrought iron bars or wood slats in a larger staircase or one that twists and winds, this can make the space look very busy. Opt for glass panels instead of individual balusters and a balustrade made of a metal that will reflect light and keep the space from looking dark and overwhelmed by the staircase itself.

Mixing styles

If you're not sure the style you want for your staircase or your home is decorated in a very eclectic fashion, consider mixing styles for the staircase. The baluster could be made of thick, dark wood and have glass panels for the balusters, or you might choose stainless steel tubing for the balustrade or railing and then add wood panels or a scrolling wood design for the balusters. By mixing the styles, your staircase will then work well with any style of your home and keep the staircase from seeming dull and drab.

Minimalist look

If you're not sure the best look for a staircase, a minimalist look is often best. This will ensure that your design doesn't clash with the home and doesn't make the staircase seem too dark or overpowering. Choose a thin design for the baluster; a thin wood rod can work best, or you might opt for a very small steel pipe if you prefer something that seems more modern. You can avoid having any more balusters than what is needed to support the balustrade itself, in the same design. You can also have steel cords that run horizontally to create a long, lean look to your staircase while keeping the design very simple and very uncluttered.