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Why External Shutters Would Be an Ideal Investment

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Typically, when homeowners are considering window treatments, they will focus on the interior of the home. This is not surprising though since interior window treatments are not only functional, but also they enhance the décor of the residence. However, this is not the only option that is available for your consideration. Although external shutters were a staple for older homes with country style themes, they are steadily making a comeback with homeowners who are looking for this provincial aesthetic. Here are some of the reasons why external shutters would be an ideal investment for your home.

External shutters provide your windows with protection from the elements

One of the reasons why you should consider investing in external shutters is the added layer of protection they provide your windows with against the elements. When the weather changes drastically and your home is exposed to severe elements such as high gale wins and hail, your windows are at risk of breaking. If you would like to avoid unnecessary window repairs and replacement during these seasons, then you should install external shutters.

Shutter styles such as board and batten are made up of sturdy, vertical boards that have been further reinforced using horizontal battens. These types of external shutters are durable enough to withstand rain, radiant heat from the sun and high winds. Thus, ensuring that your glass windows stay protected no matter the weather conditions.

External shutters provide your home with enhanced privacy

Another reason to consider investing in external shutters is they are a great way of enhancing the privacy of your residence. Having interior windows may protect your home from prying eyes. However, if your home is illuminated from within, it makes it easier for outsider to make out silhouettes in your residence or even see through the sheers if your curtains are not drawn. With external shutters, you would not have to worry about this. As long as the shutters are close, the solid design of the shutters will obscure any views into your home whether day or night.

If you would still want unobstructed views of your property without allowing stranger to see inside your home, you could opt to open the horizontal slats of the shutters at an angle. This gives you the flexibility of seeing who it outside through your windows, without people getting the chance to see into your home. Overall, external shutters will provide you with heightened privacy as compared to interior window treatments.