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Home Décor: How to Get Bold and Creative Using Blinds

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One of the benefits of having a family room is that you have the freedom to pick the décor without having to worry about what guest will think or that the look will not fit with the rest of your home. The family room offers a space when you can get creative and let your personality and quirks show. If you are getting bored of the same old dull curtains or drab colours, why not install some bold new blinds to brighten up your family room? Below is a guide to how you can use blinds to add something special to your home.

Choose Big Blinds

If you want to make a statement, you should consider installing blinds which are wider and taller than the window they need to cover. This will help to create the impression that the window is much larger than it is, which is turn will make the whole room feel bigger. Install blinds with horizontal slats if you wish to create a sense of depth and vertical slats if you wish to create a sense of height in your family room.

Choose Bold Colours

By choosing blinds which feature a bold colour, you can dramatically enrich the décor of your family room and turn a window into a focal point from which to design the look for the rest of the room. For the best effect, choose a colour which sharply contrasts with other areas of the room, such as the furniture or the wallpaper. For example, bright red blinds will stand out when placed against walls which are neutral in colour.

Choose Patterns or Images to Add Some Funk

Because of the increased freedom you have when designing the look of your family room, you shouldn't be afraid to experiment with some funky patterns with can add to the overall charm of the room. You may consider floral patterns which help to introduce a range of bright and flowery colours, or if you have kids, you may consider installing novelty blinds which display an image of their favourite superhero or cartoon character when drawn. Some blind manufacturers will also produce bespoke blinds which will feature a personalised image such as a photograph or hand-drawn pattern, allowing you to create a distinctive and individual look.

If you would like more information about how blinds can help to transform your home, contact a professional blind company today. They will be happy to provide further advice and assistance.