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Top Tips for Dressing Your Bay Window Space

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Bay windows are a beautiful and unique feature to have in the home, but due to their design, it can be hard to style them. Fortunately, you can dress up any style of bay window with ease once you know how. Whether you have a single curved bow window or classic multi-faceted bay windows, the following tips can help you make the most of your beautiful bay window space. 

Add a bench feature

Adding a seating area beneath a bay window creates a gorgeous, homely setting and can have so many different uses (even window dressing can have its functional side!). A bay window bench can make a perfect little reading nook or study area, and can double up as a storage bench - perfect for tidying away toys or spare bed linen. Small homes could also make use of this space by adding a desk for a cosy office corner.

Should you wish to hide your bench feature from view or simply have the option of altering the day to day look of your bay window space, you could consider hanging a screen curtain straight across the front of your bay window. This can serve as a fuss-free alternative to blinds or shutters and can quickly conceal an untidy bench space from guests!

Let there be light

The main benefit to having bay windows is that they let in such large amounts of beautiful natural light. Keep this in mind when choosing a window covering for them, since certain blind materials will allow more natural light to filter into the room. Lightweight roller blinds and sheer, pleated blinds for example, let light filter gently through - lending a lovely ambience to your space without affecting your privacy.

Another way to make the most of the natural light whilst retaining your privacy is to only cover the bottom of your bay window. Hang fitted sections of linen or light fabric at the bottom half of your bay window panels to achieve a modern yet laidback vibe.  

Use colours that enhance space

Bay windows are such a prominent focal point of any room and the light afforded by them can make even the smallest room feel spacious. Choosing the wrong colour of window covering, however, will create the opposite effect, so be wary of space-sucking colours. Light pastels and neutral colours of stone, cream and white will help reflect light and create the illusion of a brighter open space. Avoid bold, jarring shades such as deep greens, purples and reds as this will only enclose the space.

As your bay window shades or blinds will serve as the outstanding focal point in the room, take a cue from your chosen blind or curtain colours when it comes to decorating the room itself. Try to use complimentary tones throughout your choice of soft furnishings to further enhance the feeling of spaciousness.