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Pretty in pink - beautiful pink flower arrangements for any home

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Pink is constantly in vogue as a warm and soft colour that can fit in with any other colour. While it has a reputation as delicate and romantic it can also be a sharp and modern pop of colour in modern homes. No matter what style of decor you have, you can choose a great pink flower arrangement to help your home look more colourful and lively. 

Romantic homes

Roses have a long reputation as romantic choices for floral arrangements. You can choose from a range of shades from the palest blush pink to brighter tones of pink. It can also look spectacular to have a range of shades of pink in one arrangement. Roses have become very affordable over the last few years as growing volumes have increased. 

Unfortunately commercial grown roses are often low on scent, so you might like to supplement the visual effect of the roses with some rose scented room spray or essential oils in a diffuser if you are a fan of the scent. 

Elegant or classic homes

Elegant homes often look great with a classic choice such as bunch of tulips. Tulips tend to look good in any home and look both cheerful and elegant at the same. They are low in scent which can be a great option for people who are scent sensitive. They come in a range of pink tones, as well as a growing number of petal shapes and textures. 

Modern homes

Modern homes often suit more angular flowers such as lilies or orchids and can support very vibrant and bright pink tones. It can be great to choose a few perfect blooms to display in a tall glass or ceramic vase. These tend to be unscented so they are a great option for people with allergies. 

If you have more of a casual modern vibe, gerberas can also be a good option and give a cheerful accent to any room. They are often available for purchase in boxed arrangements - which makes them ideal for households that often don't have vases such as student and share houses. They come in a range of bright colours including pinks, yellows and reds. 

No matter what theme or decor your house is decorated with, pink floral arrangements can always be a great way to introduce some extra colour and vibrancy in the room. If you want some more ideas on pink floral arrangements for your home, why not chat with your florist about options?