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Kitchen Renovations | 4 Colour Scheme Strategies To Infuse Your Personality Into Your Kitchen

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If you're planning kitchen renovations, then getting your colour scheme right is just as important as the overall layout, especially when you want your cooking space to reflect your personal taste. This guide equips you with colour scheme strategies to infuse your personality into your kitchen.

Choose Colours That Appeal To Your Disposition

When undergoing kitchen renovations in your home, keep in mind that you're creating a space that's personal for you, so make sure you consider factors that resonate with your personal taste, including the colour scheme. For instance, sunflower yellow may be appealing to many, but it may drive you crazy. Perhaps your taste is more directed towards a subtle lemon yellow or off-white instead of a brighter shade. Consider colours that appeal most to your disposition and introduce them to your kitchen for maximum appeal.

Pick An Element To Launch Your Colour Palette

If you're confused about choosing a colour scheme during your kitchen renovations, you may want to choose just one element to launch your colour palette. For instance, your existing black benchtop can set the tone for a light grey kitchen colour palette or your white refrigerator can set off a brilliant ivory colour palette. The idea is to choose an element for creating a cohesive colour scheme around. You can also match your colour scheme to the least flexible kitchen element. For instance, it's easier to adjust paint to existing tile or benchtop colours than to change these elements to match your paint.

Make A Colourful Statement With An Eye Catching Splashback

If you're worried that your kitchen is looking too dull with a single colour scheme, you can make a colourful statement with an eye-catching splashback hue. For instance, you can offset the look of a beige kitchen with a bright red or fiery orange tile or glass splashback to add visual character to the space. Similarly, a lemon yellow colour scheme will look brilliant when accompanied with a leaf green or ash grey splashback.

Use Colours That Create The Illusion Of Space

Light colours work best because they reflect light, which creates the illusion of space. Dark colours absorb light, so they can make the room feel closed in. This colour scheme strategy is most useful in small kitchens because of its ability to open up the room to make it feel larger. Colours like beige, off-white and yellow are most ideal for small kitchens.

Follow these strategies when planning your colour scheme during kitchen renovations.