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Fur Removal: 4 Steps for Removing Pet Fur From Your Wool Quilt

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You probably love having your dog or cat curl up with you while you're trying to get warm during a cold winter's night. While that leaves you with lots of unforgettable cuddles, you're also left with oodles of pet fur on your wool quilt. Pet fur is inevitable when your furry friends run around your home, so follow these ingenious steps to remove pet fur from your wool quilt.

1. Use Adhesive Rollers

Lay the wool quilt on a large, flat table and run adhesive rollers over it to remove as much fur as possible from the surface. Make sure that you have a hard supporting surface like a table at the back of the quilt because this allows you to apply pressure while running the rollers over the surface. Keep rolling until the strip of the adhesive is covered with fur. Remove the fur-laden strip, so that a new section of the adhesive roller can be used.

2. Use a Moistened Sponge to Clump Hair Together

Once the adhesive rollers have done their job, rub a moistened cloth or sponge lightly over the wool quilt. Make sure you squeeze it out properly before applying it over the quilt because you only need a little moisture to clump hair together. The water from the moistened sponge will cause the pet fur to clump together, making it easier to remove. Brush from the top to the bottom to ensure you don't go over any area twice.

3. Vacuum the Wool Quilt Surface

After you rub the moistened sponge over the wool quilt to clump hair together, vacuuming is a quick and effective way to get rid of pet fur as much as possible. You will simply need to hook the vacuum pipe up to an upholstery attachment and suck the fur from the wool quilt surface. Move the upholstery attachment over the entire wool quilt surface to remove as much pet fur as you possibly can. Make sure the vacuum has a good filter to prevent any fur from flying around the room, which would eventually make your task redundant.

4. Shake the Wool Quilt

While most of the pet fur has probably been removed with the first few steps, you should ideally place your blanket in an outdoor area to give it a thorough shake through. This will remove any residual pet fur from your wool quilt. Let the quilt air for a little while because wool thrives in sunshine. The outdoor air will revitalise and freshen the wool fibres on your quilt before you use it again.

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