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Today's Hottest Trends in Shop Fitting and Displays

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Shop fitting refers to fitting a retail shop or restaurant with the right displays and pieces that are needed to showcase items for sale. It's important that any retailer or restaurant owner understand how items should be displayed in their location, as this will encourage buyers to browse or help them easily see items for sale they might overlook, such as at a register of a restaurant.

Shop fitting also sets a mood or tone in a store or restaurant which can help with brand awareness and even bring in foot traffic, or cause customers to linger. Note a few tips from shop fitters that you'll want to consider for your store or restaurant today.

1. Rustic chic

Rustic chic means using rustic materials but in a more upscale way. You can create a country look or soften the look of modern displays and designs with a rustic chic look. To accomplish this, consider rustic materials you might find in the country such as hay bales, wooden picket fences, rope, and the like. Use artificial hay bales as stands for display and wooden picket fences to anchor certain groupings or as a backdrop to displays. Rope can be used to hang items rather than standard metal pieces.

2. Comfort

A good way to keep customers in your store or restaurant is to make the space seem comfortable. You can use oversized pillows such as you would see in a dorm room or living room in a waiting area, or add actual small recliners to your store or restaurant foyer. Work your displays around these so customers can actually be shopping while relaxing!

3. Trophy cabinets

Trophy cabinets are a popular option for stores that sell items to teenagers, as they can make the space resemble a school hallway. You can display outfits or accessories in a trophy cabinet and then make it look even more like a school with actual trophies, medals, photos of a sports team, and the like. Do the same at your restaurant; display pies in a trophy cabinet with blue ribbons on the front to make them appear to have won a contest, for a fun touch.

4. Color blocking

For a very visually appealing look, use fixtures to create color blocking in your store or restaurant. Display clothing according to color rather than type of clothing, or use this in a restaurant to display cupcakes and cakes that have the same color frosting together with tarts and other desserts with the same color.