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Self Storage | 4 Steps to Store Your Prized Painting In a Storage Unit

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Whether you're moving homes or renovating, you'll need to store some of your household items away. Certain items like appliances, outdoor furniture and glass tables can survive in regular conditions with ease, while other items like paintings, wine collections and leather furniture more require delicate care. If you're an art connoisseur with prized paintings in your possession, follow these steps to place them in self-storage units.

Wrap in Plastic

Paintings are subject to breakages, tears, smudges and impacts while they are being transported to the storage unit, so you'll want to wrap them in plastic to keep them clean with a protected finish. Wrapping paintings before transportation also prevents fingerprint marks and stains on their surfaces. You can get plastic wrap from any stationery or retail store. The wrap is used to give your painting a protective layer before it is boxed and is similar to plastic wraps used in kitchens for covering dishes in the refrigerator.

Seal the Painting Frame in Polystyrene Foam Before Boxing

Once the painting is wrapped, you should seal the frame in polystyrene foam before placing in a box for the self-storage unit. Polystyrene is a lightweight material closely constructed from spherical balls to give it performance and strength. Any transportation or removal service should be able to provide you with Polystyrene sheets for covering the frame. Alternatively, you can purchase these sheets from a building supply store. Polystyrene sheets will give your frame an armoured layer before you place it in a cardboard box. It also ensures that the painting and frame don't directly touch the cardboard base or ground for enhanced fortification.

Place Gently In Cardboard Box

Before taking the painting to the self-storage unit, you'll want to pack it properly in the cardboard box to ensure that it doesn't move around. After placing the painting in the box, fill all empty spaces with bubble wrap to prevent it from bouncing around in transit. Seal the box shut with packing tape. Avoid using loose packing peanuts because they will tend to move around and settle at the bottom as the painting is in transit –– leaving the top unprotected.

Store Safely in a Climate-Controlled Storage Unit

Any heat or moisture can cause sudden changes and damage to your art piece. That's why a climate-controlled unit is the best storage choice for expensive paintings.  A climate-controlled self-storage unit protects vulnerable items from extreme moisture and temperature damage by keeping humidity low and temperature constant. Place the box gently in the self-storage unit and ensure that you do not place any other items above it.

Following these simple packing steps for the self-storage unit will ensure that your prized painting remains damage-free throughout.