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When to Rent Computer Equipment at Home or in the Office

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Not everyone realizes that you can actually rent computer equipment and other electronics, including tablets and smartphones, for a short time, either for use at home or in the office. While it's good to invest in the computer equipment you'll need regularly so you always have it on hand, there are times when it might be good to consider an upgraded rental with additional features or conveniences. Note when you might want to rent certain pieces of equipment for home or office.

1. When looking for a job

Why rent computer equipment when looking for a job? One reason is that you may need a good printer to run off your resume and list of references. Even if you send these to an employer through email, they may still want a hard copy when you arrive at an interview, and using an old printer that fades or smears ink can make you look very unprofessional. Using a tablet can also make you look more professional and capable when you arrive for an interview, and renting one of these can be a good choice when you're hunting for a new job.

2. When attending a conference or special seminar

Even a laptop computer can be cumbersome when you're attending any type of seminar or conference, so renting a tablet can be a good choice for these events. You can take notes, download files as they're presented, upload your own files for reference, and then transfer all that data to your computer at home once the event is over. A tablet is easier to carry and easier to keep with you than a bulky laptop, so it can be a good thing to rent for that short time.

3. When making a presentation

If you're making a presentation in the office, for your church, school, or civic group or for any other reason, you might want to rent equipment that will make it easier on you and your audience. This can include an overhead projector that plugs into your computer and which is suited for the size of the audience you anticipate, a computer with a good program or other software that might make your presentation already loaded, and even speaking equipment such as a wireless microphone. This can ensure that your presentation is easily seen and understood by everyone, and you don't need to be distracted with outdated and cumbersome equipment.