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4 Things to Avoid when Lighting your Home

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A lot of people tend to overlook their home's interior lighting; the thing is, lighting can make or break a room. Proper and intelligent lighting can really bring a room to life and provide an abundance of warmth and character. Improper lighting, on the other hand, can make a room uncomfortable and simply make it feel wrong.

Follow these tips when choosing lighting fixtures for your home's interior and you'll end up with a house that oozes warmth and comfort, with a side-order of practicality.

Too Much Overhead Lighting

Many people make the mistake of focusing too heavily on overhead lighting – floor and table lamps are criminally underutilised!

The overhead lights are for when you want to light up the entire room. While there are certainly situations when this is necessary (like hosting a large party), overhead lights simply don't have that cosy vibe that is inherent in lamps.

If you're relaxing in the living room and reading a book, reading under a table lamp will make the experience that much more enjoyable.

Fill your room with strategically placed lamps and fixtures, and you will have a very versatile lighting situation – whatever type of lighting is needed, you will be able to provide!

Consider the Shadows

Speaking of strategically placed fixtures, consider where the shadows will lie when installing any new lighting.

This point is born of practicality more than stylistic considerations. In the bathroom, if your primary light-source casts a shadow on your face, it will be that much harder to shave or apply your makeup. Similarly, you will want your kitchen to be well lit and shadow free – you don't want to be dealing with sharp knives and open fires in a poorly lit environment!

Don't Skip the Dimmer Switches

Don't forego the dimmer switch when installing new light fixtures! The dimmer switch allows you complete control over your lighting – you can easily adjust the light to reflect the mood.

While a large holiday party might call for a brighter over-head lighting situation, something like an intimate dinner will be a tad diminished if your lights are glaringly bright.

Don't Forget the Colour of the Room

While the lights certainly play a huge part in the ambiance of a room, the colour of the room's walls is just as important.

If your walls are painted a very dark colour, the room will always appear dark, no matter how bright your lighting is.

If you are unhappy with the current mood of a room, you may need to consider re-painting (or re-papering) the walls to achieve the desired effect. When good lighting and a good colour-scheme are combined, you can truly create a beautiful room. Contact lighting stores near you for more information and help.