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Bathroom Renovations | 4 Smart Preparation Considerations For Shower Enclosures

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Bathroom renovations require careful consideration and thoughtful planning for every element to be successful. If you're planning on buying a new shower enclosure to install in your bathroom, you'll need to make sure that it fits your needs perfectly while integrating into the newly refurbished bathroom décor. This guide is designed to help you prepare smartly when buying new shower enclosures as part of your overall bathroom renovations.

Decide Between Framed or Frameless

You'll need to make this choice based on the aesthetics of your bathroom. A frameless shower enclosure screen is minimalistic and simple –– matching almost every bathroom décor available. Framed shower screens can add a layer of contemporary style, in terms of frame design and colour. Whether you want to create an entirely new look or simply elaborate existing features, deciding between a framed and frameless screen will set the tone for your shower enclosure.

Choose Your Glass Type

You'll also need to decide between clear or frosted glass for your shower enclosure, based on the level of privacy you desire. For example, frosted glass gives you added privacy, but it can also make a bathroom appear smaller. On the other hand, clear glass is relatively less private, but provides visual continuity for the bathroom. Clear glass offers a simple look that can match any bathroom décor, while frosted glass gives you flexibility in designs and patterns. Choose the glass based on your personal taste and preferences.

Plan Your Door Movement

You'll also need to determine whether you want swinging or sliding doors –– this decision depends on the space available in your bathroom. Sliding doors are perfectly suited to smaller bathrooms because they take up minimal space, while swinging doors require adequate clearance space for the door to open fully. The choice of door movement will once again depend on your personal penchants, availability of space and the movement of your main bathroom door. For example, you may choose a swinging door for the shower enclosure to maintain decorative continuity with your swinging main bathroom door. Be sure to plan your shower door movement carefully during bathroom renovations.

Design the Shower Enclosure Shape

Depending on the space you have available, the shape you choose may be pre-decided.  For example, if your old shower enclosure was housed in a rectangular-shaped area, you may need to plan for a similar new rectangular shower enclosure. However, some bathroom renovations with major overhauls may offer you the freedom to choose a completely new shape for your shower enclosure. You can decide between square, corner, rectangular and circular shapes based on your desires.

During bathroom renovations, be sure to consider these smart factors for your new shower enclosure.