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Planning To Buy Couch Turf? What You Need To Know Beforehand

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Couch is one of the more popular types of turf in Australia. It provides a quick and easy way to ensure your premises are carpeted with green, lush grass all year long. If you are thinking of getting couch grass for your property, read on to understand what to expect after installation:


Couch turf is dark green and has soft grass blades. It therefore has good aesthetics that can increase the curb appeal of your property. It's also ideal for up-close contact during play and is commonly used in football pitches, golf courses and front lawns. It grows very fast and intertwines to form a thick carpet of grass.


The mowing needs of couch turf are slightly above average, thanks to the rapid growth rate of the grass. The turf grows fastest in summer when the sun is hottest. Mowing during this season should be done every week or after ten days at most. In winter and autumn, the grass can be cut once a month. Since the grass is thick and fast-growing, it should be cut low to avoid over-cropping. Couch turf also requires regular clipping to ensure that underground runners to do not spread into adjacent areas.


The watering needs of couch turf are average. In summer, watering 2-3 times a week will suffice. In autumn, you can drop this rate to twice a week. If receiving constant rainfall, you can further lower the watering intensity to about once a week. In winter, water your couch turf once or twice a month.

Wear & drought

Couch turf can withstand heavy and constant use. Part of this is as a result of the alignment of the grass which tends to grow horizontally and low to the ground. This makes it highly resistant to rough use. As a result, it can be used in active areas with minimal drawbacks. Couch turf is also highly resistant to dry conditions. It flourishes in hot weather and is not susceptible to drought. Where the turf has patches, its high growth rates means it can repair itself very quickly without the need for planting.


Last but not least, couch turf is affordable. It's one of the lower- priced turf in the market. This is credited to its fast growth rate which lowers its costs of production. You can therefore enjoy great savings on your landscaping efforts plus the upside of having a great product on your hands.

There are several couch turf varieties in the market today. These include Wintergreen couch, Santa Ana couch, Legend couch & Blue couch, among others. Talk to your turf supplier and compare these varieties to find one with the shade and appearance that best fits your applications.

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