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3 Tips For Refreshing Your Living Room Décor On A Budget

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An outdated living room doesn't give guests the best first impression of your home, and it's unlikely to be a relaxing place for you to shake off those hard days. You don't have to completely refurbish your living room to get it looking fresh, modern and welcoming. Here are three tips for giving your lounge a makeover when you're on a budget:

Walls And Skirting Boards

If the current paint on your walls is looking a little shabby, repaint them with a colour that complements items of furniture you plan on keeping, such as your couch. If your living room is on the small side, consider using a neutral colour for two or three of the walls, which will open up the room.

Modern skirting boards tend to be taller and can give your living room a more contemporary look, but replacing your skirting boards is expensive. Instead, add height to your skirting boards with inexpensive wood trim. Decide what height you'd like your skirting boards to be, position the trim at that height and paint the wall space from the top of your existing skirting to the wood trim.

Soft Furnishings

Saggy cushions and tatty curtains and rugs are inexpensive to replace and can transform your living room and accentuate larger pieces of furniture. Opt for washable cushions and rugs to keep them looking like new for longer, and choose reversible rugs as a budget-friendly way to change your flooring up every now and then.

When choosing new curtains, consider the atmosphere you want to create in your living room. Floor length curtains create a formal, elegant vibe, whereas shorter curtains that stop at your windowsill work well in a relaxed, casual setting. If you have a bay window or want curtains in an unusual colour, it may be cheaper to order custom-made curtains, which have the added advantage of being unique. They can be a talking point of the room. For more information, contact a company like Aussie Curtain Call Interiors.


Accessories such as candles, wall art and lamps are an easy way to add splashes of colour if you have dark sofas and flooring or white walls. These items can be picked up cheaply online, but you could also try swapping accessories you no longer like with friends or family members. Here are a few tips for choosing colours:

  • Yellows, reds and greens brighten up a room with lots of black or grey.
  • Choose bright, punchy oranges, reds and neon blues to add vibrancy to a room with lots of white.
  • If you have a brown couch, opt for a few darker green and yellow accessories.
  • Dark green or red furniture can be brightened up with one or two gold-coloured pieces.

When deciding on the mood you'd like to create in your living room, consider what you would like to keep and what you just can't stand the sight of anymore. This will give you a foundation to build on and make the creative process easier and cheaper.