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Design Tips From the Pros for Choosing and Hanging Curtains

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Curtains in a room can add softness and style, as well as a touch of color and fabric that's often needed to make a space seem cozy. They also help to insulate windows during cold winter months so you actually pay less for heating and can keep the room cooler during hot summer months. As important as they are, curtains can be very difficult to choose and to hang properly so that they actually fit into a room and enhance the look, not detract from it. Note a few tips from design pros for choosing and hanging curtains in your home.

1. Choosing pattern versus solid

Since curtains can add some style and color to a room, you may think that a nice bold pattern is the way to go. However, it's good to let the furniture in the room help you make this decision; if you have patterned furniture, your curtains are sure to clash. In that case, it's better to choose a solid design. However, if you have leather furniture or upholstered furniture without any design, then a pattern on your curtains can help to add visual interest in the room.

2. Choosing size and design

Large, oversized drapes can add grandeur to a room, whereas simple square panels can feel unobtrusive and won't be in the way. When making this decision, consider the size of the room; if it's somewhat small, then panels are the right choice even if you like the look of large drapes. However, if the room has the size to accommodate larger drapes, choose these if you want them to be the focal point of a wall. This can add a stately look to a living room or dining room.

3. Hanging the curtains

One design secret that many pros use when hanging curtains is to hang them higher than the windows and just outside the window frame. This ensures that the window isn't blocked when you want to open the curtain and let in light, and it also makes the window look bigger. When curtains are hung above the window frame, this draws the eye up so the window looks taller, whereas hanging curtains inside the frame makes the window look smaller. When hanging curtains, be sure you install the rod high enough that the curtains don't touch the floor, and make sure the rod is long enough so that you can open the curtains completely outside the width of the frame.

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