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The Advantages That Aluminum Bifold Doors Have over Other Material Types

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Are you trying to choose the type of material your bifold doors should be made from, but struggling to decide? Then consider using aluminum bifold doors because of the many advantages that they offer. Take the time to learn what these advantages are to make an informed decision regarding if aluminum bifold doors are a great choice for your home. With that thought in mind here are the tops reasons for why aluminum bifold doors are better than others types:

Why Aluminum Bifold Doors Are Better than UPVC Doors

Most homeowners prefer slim bifold doors, however the slimmer the material the weaker it is. With UPVC this is an issue because when it's slim it can be too weak to provide reliability and durability. Therefore, most UPVC bifold doors will come in an above average thickness.

On the other hand, aluminum based bifold doors provide more than enough strength and reliability when slim. That's because aluminum is significantly stronger than UPVC. Thin aluminum doors will not be prone to twisting, contraction, expansion or warp.

Furthermore, aluminum doors are available in larger sizes than UPVC ones, and the benefit of that is the ability to cover bigger openings.

Why Aluminum Bifold Doors Are Better than Timber Based Doors

It's true that timber based doors have more character than aluminum based ones and therefore look better. However, they need a lot of maintenance to allow for those looks to be ongoing. Also timber based doors will have shorter lifetimes since they are prone to mould build up, and moisture accumulation.

Therefore, an aluminum based bifold door will require less maintenance than a timber based one—in fact aluminum based doors require almost no maintenance at all.

Aluminum Is Cheaper

When it comes to bifold doors aluminum is one of the cheaper options out there. That's not only because of the initial sale price, but also due to the fact that the need for repairs will be far less than that of UPVC or wood. Therefore, if you are on a tight budget aluminum can help you stay within it.

Compatible with Many Styles

Aluminum bifold doors have a design that works well with a wide variety of interior and exterior décor styles. It's likely that there will not be a mismatch with the surroundings once they are installed. Whereas, with UPVC and timber based bifold doors there could be an issue with visual incompatibility. For more information, contact AMJ Window Solutions