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3 Major Kitchen Cabinet Styles For Today's Homeowners

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These days, cabinets are major attractions in many kitchens. Unfortunately, choosing the correct cabinet design to fit in your kitchen can be rather challenging. To help you get started, the following points discuss the three major styles of cabinetry that you can choose from.

Traditional Style

Cabinet makers can add a historical appeal to your home by integrating the antique-like details necessary to send your kitchen back in time. For example, wood craftsmen may use heavy solid woods such as oak, maple, and cherry to not only make kitchen cabinets that can outlast many other appliances in your home but also add a rustic feel to it. More so, these craftsmen can enhance the intrinsic charm of your kitchen by choosing not to colour or stain wood.

If you prefer otherwise, earth tone veneers or paint coatings can be used to give a superb finishing touch to your wooden cabinets. As a result, general feel of custom traditional kitchen cabinetry will be comfy, elegant, and classic. The traditional style will ensure that your kitchen never goes out of fashion.

Contemporary Style

If you like to keep up with modernity, contemporary kitchen cabinets will work best for you. Modern interior designers can help you to combine a range of colours and finishes to give your kitchen cabinets a myriad of uniquely contrasting looks and functions.

For instance, wall-mounted cabinets furnished with decorative sliding glass will not only increase the aesthetic appeal of your home but also add unique modern functions including clear visibility and easy access to stored kitchen items.

Transitional Style

If you want to incorporate a mix of both tradition and modernity in your kitchen, you should prepare yourself to choose from the wide assortment of transitional styles available in today's market.

Depending on your individual tastes and preferences, you can obtain custom-made cabinets that match your exact specifications but still come at a competitive price. For instance, you can obtain wooden-framed cabinets that have been paired with laminated glass doors, which are opened using decorative metal handles.

Therefore, transitional custom-built kitchen cabinetry allows you to showcase a unique sense of updated vintage in your home.

A good kitchen begins with the choice of good kitchen cabinetry. Whether you opt to install cabinetry of traditional, contemporary or transitional style, you will most certainly give your kitchen the facelift that it deserves. Even though fitting brand new cabinets can be a costly affair, the end results always make it a worthwhile investment. For more information, check out companies such as Overland Homes.