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The 4 Types Of Residential Exterior Shutters That You Can Choose

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Are you interested in installing some shutters, but you don't know which ones are going to be the best match for your home? Different shutter types are better matched for different requirements. Familiarising yourself with the types of shutters available will help you make a logical choice with regards to what you're after. Here are 4 of the more popular residential exterior shutter types available:

1. Wooden Shutters

The most common type of exterior shutter on the market is the wooden type. Typically, you'll find them in a wide variety of designs that will allow you to match the exterior décor of your home. One of the disadvantages of wooden shutters is that they must be maintained for them to last a long time.

To improve the look for wooden shutters, there are a variety of accessories available. These include the following:

  • Side-bolts: bolts can be used to lock shutters when they are in a closed position.
  • Ring pulls: these allow the user to close shutters from within the home. They are particularly useful when access to the outside of a window is difficult.
  • Shutter dogs: this accessory provides additional structural support so that they are firmly attached to the house.

2. Storm Shutters

Do you live in an area that is prone to storms and hurricanes? Then investing in some storm shutters is a great idea. They typically come in aluminium form and provide the vital function of protecting your windows from flying debris. They come in the following varieties:

  • Accordion: these are made up of interlocking slats which move up and down on a track. The amount of window coverage that you want can be determined by how far down the track you move the shutters.
  • Rolling: similar to that of a garage door, this type of shutter can move downwards using an electronic mechanism.
  • Colonial: these shutters have a hinge on both sides, and the shutters fold inwards towards the centre of the window where they can be locked into place.

All 3 forms of storm shutters have efficient and reliable open/close mechanisms. This is a desirable attribute in the event that a storm is approaching. 

3. Vinyl Shutters

The most affordable shutter available on the marketplace are vinyl shutters. They have the advantages of easy installation, available at almost any home improvement centre and low weight. This is the perfect exterior window shutter for those who would like to install the shutter using their own DIY skills.

4. Composite Shutters

These are a very practical alternative to wooden shutters because they are, for the most part, maintenance-free. They are more expensive than other types of exterior shutters. That's because they are fabricated from thermally stable fibreglass and advanced PVC. For set-and-forget exterior shutters that will stand the test of time, composite ones are the go-to option.

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