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5 Cool Ideas for Your Spare Room

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Having a house with a spare room is an incredible privilege, and it's even better if you can decide exactly what you want to do with it. Many people will use a spare room as a guest room, and while this can be a good idea, there is no need to think in such conventional terms. Truly, your spare room can be whatever you want it to be! The only limit to its potential is the limit of your imagination. Here are a few out of the box ideas that will transform your spare room into a space that is really special.

Walk in wardrobe. Do you have piles of shoes and clothes that are tumbling out of your wardrobe? If so, why not give yourself the luxury of turning your spare room into a walk in wardrobe? With a few rails and shelves, your spare room will be transformed. Add a full length mirror, and a vanity unit, and it will also be a place where you could get ready before going out. You can even ask for help from companies such as Wardrobe Selection Centre.

Meditation room. If you need an injection of zen in your life, then it's a great idea to create a designated quiet space where you can meditate and simply be alone with your breath. If you are somebody with many daily responsibilities and pressures, this kind of addition to your home could really improve your quality of life.

Art studio. If your spare room has a lot of natural light, it could be an ideal painting space. Set up your easel, install a straight backed painting chair, and you will have your very own tranquil painting studio where you can churn out masterpieces, one after the other.

Private bar. If you love to entertain guests on a Friday night, you can make a great impression by converting your spare room into your very own private bar. Install a bar ledge, some vintage stools, and a jukebox, and you'll have a party space that all your neighbours will be envious of.

Indoor greenhouse. Green fingered people without their own gardens might be interested in transforming a spare room into an indoor greenhouse. Again, this would be ideal for a room that has a great deal of natural light. Line the room with indoor pots for vegetables, herbs, fruits, and flowers, and you'll be able to grow your own natural produce throughout the whole year.

And these are just a few initial ideas. You could also create your own library, a craft room, or a yoga studio.