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DIY Tips For Split System AC Installation

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Many things have to be kept in mind if you are going to install a split system air conditioning unit in your home without hiring a licensed technician. This article discusses some of those important things.

Pay Attention To Warranty Terms

Check and confirm before doing any installation work if you suspect that the manufacturer of your split system air conditioning unit will consider that your warranty is void if you install it yourself. It is important that you do not violate warranty terms if you want to benefit from them. If you insist on installing the unit even when you are not a licensed technician, do so when fully aware of the consequences (such as forfeiting getting a replacement unit should this one malfunction after installation).

Keep All Wiring Away From Major AC Parts

As you wire the split system air conditioning in your home, pay close attention to where the wires pass. They should never be in contact with the compressor, fan parts or refrigerant tubes. This is because such components can heat or damage the wiring of your unit resulting in major damage.

Give The Unit A Dedicated Power Outlet

Your split system air conditioning unit will perform much better if you connect it to its own power outlet or socket. This is because there will be no power fluctuations caused by another appliance being switched on or off. Stable power is vital in ensuring split system air conditioners work well.

Remember To Bleed Humidity And Air From Refrigerant Lines

Once you have completed installing your unit, make sure that you bleed humidity and air from refrigerant lines. This is because any air or humidity trapped in there can adversely affect the functioning of the refrigerant. You can bleed the system by connecting a vacuum to the service hose of the AC unit. Then turn the vacuum on until a vacuum is created in the pipes. You should then turn the vacuum off and replace the AC parts you removed, such as the service cap and port.

Avoid Locations That Have Antennae

As you look for a place where to put the outdoor condenser, be on the lookout for TV or radio antennae. This is because those antennae can interfere with the AC's sensors. Put the condenser as far away from antennae as possible.

If you follow the installation tips above, the split system air conditioning in your home will function perfectly. Remember to consult the manufacturer's manual during the installation process!